Geotechnical mine design services that are unique and innovative

Dempers & Seymour Mining Rock Mass Models

A unique approach to collecting, analysing and presenting geotechnical information that addresses the requirements of the clients needs.

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Dempers & Seymour Geotechnical Televiewer Interpretation

Dempers & Seymour have developed an innovative and unique processing methodology.

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Dempers & Seymour Dilution Rating System

Dempers & Seymour has developed the Dilution Rating System (DRS) that takes cognisance of the rock mass properties to allow estimation of dilution thickness.


Remote capture of structural features in an open pit or quarry

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Dempers & Seymour Rock Bridge Ratio Design

Dempers & Seymour have developed a design methodology, termed Rock Bridge Ratio (RBR) design which is more precise and representative of pit slope failure.

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Dempers & Seymour Geotechnical Domain Logging

Dempers & Seymour have developed a geotechnical core logging process to record mechanical and structural properties of the rock mass.

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3D Hydraulic Radius Model used for underground stope design and ground support requirements

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Specialist training courses

Our team have created specialised courses focused on geotechnical data collection and rock mass modelling for efficient workings on mine sites.

Mine planning and design

Computerised mine planning & design for underground & open pits for pit optimisation. We also aid in the design of mining layouts, schedules & equipment selection.

On-site geotechnical advice

We can provide advice for both open pit and underground operations including pit slope stability and slope angles, underground stability and support design.

Project Audits & Reviews

Our team can carry out ore reserve audits and reviews. Undertake financial assessments, risk analysis, due diligence and competent persons reports. As well as strategic and technical mine planning reviews for companies and operating mines.

Mining Feasibility Studies

Our team can help with project management for multidisciplinary mining feasibility studies. As well as providing bankable feasibility studies.

The services provided by Dempers & Seymour are related to geotechnical mine design and mining engineering. We have developed a unique methodology for the 3-D representation of the geotechnical environment that has been used for mining projects.


Optimising geotechnical logging to accurately represent the geotechnical environment

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A new approach to access open pit slope stability

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Geotechnical data from optical and acoustic televiewer surveys

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Mining Rock Mass Models: A methodology for collecting, processing and presenting geotechnical data in three dimensions

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