Typically, large volumes of data are collected during geotechnical investigations for mining projects but rarely is this done in a comprehensive manner that enables all aspects of the geotechnical environment to be evaluated.

A geotechnical core logging process has been developed to record mechanical and structural properties of the rock mass. The method enables data for a wide range of rock properties and geotechnically significant major structures to be collected including rock strength, joint surface condition, fracture frequency and fracture orientation. The logging method is unique in that sufficient data is collected to enable the independent determination of all the major rock mass classification systems.

The logging system has been specifically developed to allow better and more precise appreciation of rock mass and structural conditions across the project area thereby optimising the use and application of the available geotechnical data and improving confidence in the outcomes of geotechnical investigations.

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Domain 1 = High strength and high RQD Domain 2 = Medium strength and low RQD